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"Sometimes in life, you have to rely on your passion to guide you to your ultimate purpose."

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President / CEO

President and CEO Joyce R. Forchion relaunched The JR Forchion Group after experiencing a personal awakening. Observing the changing landscape of the current workforce due to the diabolical Coronavirus pandemic—along with recent instances of blatant racial inequalities in the world—inspired her to recommit her purpose to provide clients with equal opportunities to tell their stories and solidify their business brands. The Group aspires to serve as “ChangeMakers,” or agents of change, for success-driven clients in need of assistance with copywriting services, content creation, community outreach, and career consulting.

Specializing in storytelling and promotional campaigns, Forchion pays timely attention to detail and brings an array of contacts in business, media, politics, and the performing arts to each project. Spanning her 20-year career, she has enjoyed the opportunity to run a local chamber of commerce, oversee a university public affairs department, and collaborate on projects publicizing political dynamos such as United States President Joe Biden and the late United States Representative Carrie P. Meek (FL 17th District). Her passion lies in promoting the unique framework and vivid personalities of people, particularly small business owners, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and corporate executives.

Committed to business development initiatives, Legacy Magazine named Forchion one of Miami’s “50 Most Influential and Powerful Black Professionals of 2020.” A graduate of New World School of the Arts and lifelong dancer, she holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees from Rutgers University, where she was designated a Paul Robeson Scholar for two consecutive years. She subsequently earned a Master of Science degree in Mass Communication from Florida International University’s professional ICAP (Integrated Communication- Advertising and Public Relations) Program.

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