Virtual Mental Wellness Company Provides Emotional Support for CEOs, Executives, and Entrepreneurs

Solace Blue, a service-based consulting company addressing the urgent mental wellness needs of overworked professionals, recently opened its virtual doors to combat depression, anxiety, stress, and grief plaguing today's working elite. Founded by social work scholar and Columbia University graduate Dr. Diane K. Bowes, the company's full-scale service offerings include workshops, classes, publications and resources targeting professionals struggling in silence with daily emotional afflictions brought about by COVID-19.

“The idea of Solace Blue was initially a conversation that was skirted around in boardrooms for years—the topic of mental wellness. Business leaders make time to gather for strategy sessions, planning meetings and financial forecasts, but the topic of mental wellness remains commonly overlooked and stops with “good to see you,”’ she said. “In terms of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 took the world by storm and changed the way we live because no one is immune from this deadly virus. At Solace Blue, we want to encourage building inner strength, peace of mind, and overall wellness for decision-makers who are responsible for their own livelihood and the vitality of their families. In 2021, we want to see our business leaders progressing through these challenges with accountability and clear heads,” she said.

A 20-year veteran specializing in executive wellness coaching, Dr. Bowes earned her degrees in social work and public administration, qualifying her to conduct confidential, individual and group workshops addressing taboo issues plaguing the workplace, starting with COVID-19. “The virus sheds light on the services I wish to offer. Business leaders are seeking like-minds in a safe space to discuss the turbulence the virus has created overnight, and daily coping skills since the virus constantly changes. Though business will continue and professionals will pivot as needed, I hope to train many of today's leaders seeking my expertise," Dr. Bowes said.

Dr. Bowes intends to uphold Solace Blue’s philosophy expressed in her motivational tagline- “Wishing you strength for today and tomorrow.” To commemorate the company’s virtual grand opening, visitors can download a free copy of her 2021 Entrepreneurs & Mental Wellness Calendar Journal at Additional publications will be available through the website in the future, particularly addressing human resource professionals seeking to implement preventive employee “Wellness at Work” programs. Virtual and phone appointments with Dr. Bowes are now available and can be booked by emailing

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