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Obtaining a Wealth of Health for the New Year

“Now remember… is wealth, and don’t you ever forget it!”

While perusing the aisles at the sparkling-new Plum Market on Biscayne Boulevard, I encountered a retired couple from New Jersey rummaging through containers of pre-packaged tropical fruit. The husband and wife of over 40 years randomly approached me and asked for a second opinion on which item to select for a picnic. “Pineapple or mango,” she asked as she held up each choice. After recommending the mango slices for their holiday date, she and her spouse thanked me while walking away, whispering ardent advice to me before finally departing to the check-out line.

Health is wealth, indeed. We’ve reached a triumphant New Year, and with the passage of time, we realize that the only thing that truly remains the same in this life is change. Time and time again, men and women take it upon themselves to document habits and characteristics that they would love to change within a year’s time. Like clockwork, “exercising more often” consistently ranks as the number one affirmation most individuals make when considering ways to transform their bodies and reframe their lives. In the case of Aventura residents, there are many free options around the City that are available to those who are committed to honoring their New Year’s resolution to work out for a healthier lifestyle.

“As someone who spends each day conversing with business owners, professionals, and families about comprehensive health insurance packages and decisions affecting their loved ones and bottom line, I’m here to encourage everyone to prioritize personal health goals and cultivate the highest quality of life as a resident possible, especially since many wellness resources are easily accessible throughout the City,” said Gabriel Brakha, CEO of Aventura-based insurance agency, VITALSURANCE. “Scheduling consistent exercise throughout the week in our local parks– along with maintaining our mandatory doctor visits and regular check-ups– are all part of taking ownership of your lifestyle. To me, personal health is the most invaluable component of wealth, so staying motivated should become second nature in our neighborhood where these values are heavily promoted at each turn.” Adopting a wellness mindset is the collective goal for 2023, and establishing residency in Aventura presents a plethora of opportunities to activate healthy lifestyle choices, enhance your workout plan and enrich your mental health, all free of charge. Here are a few options available to the entire family for new residents who are unfamiliar with what the City has to offer: DON SOFFER EXERCISE TRAIL If you love to burn off some steam from power walking, sprinting, jogging or biking, the 3.1 mile Don Soffer Exercise Trail surrounding the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa along Country Club Drive is for you. Prepare to encounter some of the most scenic views along the 10-foot wide trail, which is also ideal for leisure strolls with your pets and taking in relaxing sunsets among the palm tree-lined pathway. YOGA IN THE PARK Every Friday at 9:00 am, the City offers complimentary yoga classes at Founders Park for yogis of all ages and skill levels to learn, relax, and recharge after a busy week. For one hour, a certified instructor leads each class with guided breathwork and stretching exercises under the sun, but registration is mandatory at Students are also required to bring ID to class indicating Aventura residency, along with a Yoga Mat, water, and towel.


Every Thursday from 9:00 am, a certified Zumba instructor teaches hour-long classes at Founders Park. Individuals seeking a more interactive movement-based experience fusing Latin dance with traditional aerobic exercises should sign up for this class by registering at Due to the limited space in this class and the intensity of the exercises, guests are encouraged to remain hydrated throughout the duration of the hour and should bring ID upon entry.

LOVE, AVENTURA. A column celebrating the heart, soul, and culture of our community. Read the article in the January 2023 edition of The Aventura Digest Newspaper here.


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